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Eggs are the everyday essentials of a kitchen. It makes breakfast perfect. As they to non-vegetarians say eggs are what potato to vegetarians. If you are an egg lover and searching for ways to cook your favorite thing in a different way and get a different taste, I have made a list of multiple ways to cook an egg.

1. To make a yellow egg: If you want to make a yellow egg, the only thing you need apart from an egg is one t-shirt or pants. Put it in the middle and then shake. Do put a rubber band around it. Watch a video on YouTube to learn more about this smart hack. Eggs are a great source of proteins and fats. If you like colored eggs and wonder how to get a yellow egg use this cooking hack. This adds a twist to the color and appearance of your dish. Your food becomes appealing and presentable.

2. Egg waffles: To make egg waffles, put it in a waffle maker. Whisk some eggs after removing the shell or you can keep the shell if you like. After whisking,  put the egg in the waffle maker. Add some oil to the waffle iron before cooking. Add some topping to your egg waffle. Ever thought you can make egg waffles? What a way to pay tribute to your favorite thing. Even if you are not an egg lover try this dish. It is a great and creative way to cook eggs. Waffle iron cooks the egg perfectly.

4. Use a plastic bottle to separate the egg white from yolk:  It needs great expertise to separate an egg yolk from egg white. You can use this smart hack to separate both the liquids. Break an egg and pour the liquid in a bottle. Slowly, pour the liquid back to the bowl. You can keep and hold the yellow yolk. By using this hack your hands will not get messy, it is a more hygienic way to separate the egg yolk from its counterpart. Make sure you use a clean water bottle. Do not use a cola bottle as there are chances of the cola odor getting mixed in the liquid.

5. Coffee maker for hardboiled eggs:  you can boil eggs in a coffee maker. The boiled water will boil the eggs it is as simple as that. So, coffee makers are the new waffle makers. Put the eggs in a coffee maker and put water in it. You can get hard boiled or soft boiled eggs whatever you need just in a couple of minutes.


Apart from the hacks mentioned above there are few more egg hacks that can be used like to make your eggs last longer freeze them in a freezer. Break the egg and put the egg liquid in a tray that you use to make ice cubes. You can make egg ice-cubes. These are also known as frozen egg cubes. Add these cubes to soy drinks that are cold. These are rich in protein.

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